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An Ode to the Wet Bag

O Wet Bag- how I love you!
You are the most versatile item in my arsenal.
Not only do you hold dirty diapers,
You hold so much much more~

But, seriously, let’s talk about wet bags. These are the first item I pack in any suitcase when we travel and we have an assortment of sizes available at all times. They are a go-to item I would recommend to everyone- new mom, parent of an older child, or even someone with no children. Why? Because they are just that awesome.

If “wet bag” is a new term for you, let’s be clear, we aren’t talking about a bag that is wet on the outside. Just kidding though, you probably already know that. A wet bag is a bag lined with PUL, TPU, or some other laminating process to keep damp things from leaking outside. And they are perfect for so much more than that.

So, what do you use them for? We use them for:
Cloth diapers or cloth menstrual pads
On the go snack kit
 Photo credit: IG @threeboys_abunchofnoise
Fresh produce, so you can ditch the plastic sack! 
 Photo credit: IG @fluffthefourth
 Photo credit: IG @flufflifefamily
  Photo credit: Neerja A.
Makeup and toiletries
 Photo credit: IG @amlac87
Busy Bag for your self or a little
 Photo credit: IG @peaceandloveandpineapples 
Diaper bag organization
 Photo credit: Kristiana Matlock
An easy access stroller bag
 Photo credit: Kristiana Matlock
On the Go toddler essentials 
 Photo credit: IG @peaceandloveandpineapples
Dirty Clothes (for short and long trips, sometimes even as a hamper at home)
Gym clothes
Used rags and towels in the kitchen 
A car trash bag
Spare clothes for potty training
Shoes in a suitcase
Your “unmentionables” when you travel
Swimsuits and beach sand
Frozen water bottles- especially nice when hitting the theme parks in the summer! 

Do you have other ideas? Share them below! We'd love to see how you use your wet bags! Also, a huge shoutout to Lily Pond Community members for your awesome pics! We love seeing your action shots! Want to be a part of the community? Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waterliliesboutiqueVIP

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