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Our Spring Break/Summer Top 10

Spring Break/Summer Top 10

I’m ready for some fun in the sun after being cooped up this winter. The cold and snow (sadly not much here) have made me look forward to the warmer temperatures of spring.

  • Swim Diapers
  • A must have pool accessory for the littles, reusable swim diapers make it easy to avoid a code brown. Be sure to grab a couple, so you always have one on hand if the other gets soiled. Some of our favorite swimmers are from Lighthouse Kids Company.

  • Wet Bags
  • If you didn’t read our last blog about the wonders of wet bags, we’ll give the recap. You can use them for EVERYTHING! From swimwear, to water bottles, to holding all your beach gear, wet bags are all purpose! Our favorites are Kanga Care wet bags- they hold a ton! 


    Car Toys

    There is only so much of “The Wheels on the Bus” we can take right? Toys that are easily transported like Squigz and Lalaboom in the car or to the hotel are the perfect for keeping the little entertained. Need something to keep the pieces contained? Try a wet bag or the TeeBee.


    Pool Toys

    The perfect float is ready to be chosen while you float around the pool? Or maybe you prefer a noodle? Either way, Soapsox make a great pool toy since they are easily washed and dried after their time in the pool. Baby Shark anyone?

    Sun Screen

    Proper sun protection is the cornerstone of the spring and summer season. With more outdoor time comes the need for sunscreens and lotions. No matter which one your pick, as long as the SPF is at least 30 SPF, you’ll be all set. Don’t forget to reapply often though and especially after extended time in the water. One of our favorite natural sunscreens is Balm!Baby Sun.

    After Sun Care

    This one goes with the sun care above! If you are like me and don’t reapply sunscreen often enough, you’ll probably be in need of some great after sun care. If your activities have left you feeling like a toasty lobster, be sure to grab some CJ’s BUTTer to help with that burn. We think Mango, Sugar, and Mint smells amazing!

    Water Bottles and Cups

    Staying hydrated is the key to making the most of the summer. Having a reusable cup or bottle is a great way to make sure you drink lots of water. When the temps are up, our sweat will cause us to lose fluids quickly. GoSili silicone cups make the perfect poolside container since they aren’t breakable and won’t dent if dropped! 


    Let’s face it, you probably need this one because school’s out. ;) And, sometimes you just need to throw the Kitchen Sink at it! 


    Just like having the proper SPF for your sunscreen, you’ll need a good pair of shades to block the sun’s rays from your eyes. Be sure to grab a pair to keep with you at all times! And, if they are Babiators they are warranted for one year against loss or breakage! 

    Bug Spray

    This one is a no-brainier! Bugs are one of the few things that I hate- especially mosquitoes. We love Balm!Baby Shue Bug for a great all-natural and effective alternative to standard bug sprays containing DEET, which could be harmful for little ones and adults.

    No matter where you go or what you do this spring and summer, we hope you have safe travels and tons of fun! Happy memory making! 

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