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**All orders will be on a shipping hold 3/24-3/29** Free US/APO/FPO shipping at $20!
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I love it! But, do you have layaway?

#shopsmall layaway

We've all been there- that Aha! That I love it moment when you look at a new shiny whatever and think you have to have it. Believe me...I'm there more often than I can count, but sometimes that huge purchase just isn't digestible at one time. We understand and totally feel 'ya! 

That's where Lay-Buy and Sezzle come in~ two options for payment we have here at WLB. These payment plan options help to make large order a little more manageable and budget friendly.

So how do these two payment plans break down?

How do I set up a plan?

At checkout, you can choose Lay-Buy or Sezzle. Both systems have you set up a payment plan. For Lay-Buy, that is an automated payment plan through Paypal. Lay-buy creates the plan profile and cancels it upon completion of all the payments. With Sezzle, you'll create a payment plan through Sezzle and payments are made directly to them through the terms you set up on enrollment. 

What fees are there?

Sezzle charges you 0% interest and fees on your purchase. Fees for the Sezzle purchase are paid by the merchant. Lay-buy does charge a small fee one-time fee of 1.9% to you for plan set-up. 

What if I want to cancel?

If you've paid with your purchase through Sezzle, chances are it has already been shipped and would be covered under our standard return/exchange policy. If it hasn't been shipped, we can cancel your order and refund you per our normal cancellation policy. You will still need to pay the Sezzle balance you financed from the refund we send. For Lay-Buy, you would need to contact us here at WLB and let us know you wish to cancel. There is a cancellation fee for Lay-Buy plans of $25 or the down payment amount- whichever is less. 

When do I get my new shiny?

We ship just like if you had placed a normal paid order when you shop with Sezzle. Your order ships after all payments are made with Lay-Buy- this could be up to three months later. 

Can I pay it off early?

Yes! That is always wonderful to hear. If you wish to pay your Lay-Buy plan off early, just contact the shop and we can send an invoice for the remainder of the plan balance. Your order will ship as soon as payment clears and all auto-payment plans are cancelled. If you used Sezzle, your order has already shipped and there isn't anything we need to initialize on our end. You'll just need to go into your Sezzle account and complete their process. 

To learn even more and to read all the details- be sure to check out the individual FAQ pages under customer programs or by following these links:

Lay-Buy FAQ: https://www.waterliliesboutique.com/pages/layaway-faqs

Sezzle FAQ: https://www.waterliliesboutique.com/pages/how-sezzle-works

Have any other questions? Just let us know! We're always happy to help! 

**Please do use these plans responsibly.**




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