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Elevated Natural Hand Sanitizer w/ moisturizer - 2.7oz
Elevated Natural Hand Sanitizer w/ moisturizer - 2.7oz
Elevated Natural Hand Sanitizer w/ moisturizer - 2.7oz
Taylor House

Elevated Natural Hand Sanitizer w/ moisturizer - 2.7oz

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*NOW you can choose with OR without Moisturizer! Some of us live in DRY climates, and could use the moisturizer. But, some of us live in HUMID climates, and don't need it.

*The option WITHOUT moisturizer will NOT dry out hands, like a LOT of chemical, isopropyl alcohol versions will. 

We do recommend WITH moisturizer during winter months in some humid climates, when it tends to get more dry. We also recommend WITHOUT moisturizer for those of us with jobs that require our hands to not have any "slickness" to them (nurses using needles, working with a lot of paper, etc.)

Protects against 99.9% germs (and ONLY the "bad" ones)!

SUPER easy and safe for little hands too! Smells fantastic!  A MUST for travel, schools, sick/cold season and more! 

Choose between 5 scents:  Our original lavender-citrus scent, Earl Gray Tea, Persian Lime, Thieves, or Citrus!  

Choose between 2 sizes:  2oz. glass, or 2.7oz recycled aluminum.  Both have sprays & are travel / airplane friendly.

WITH moisturizer is blended with one of our favorite Hawaiian oils, this sanitizer moisturizes and leaves hands feeling silky smooth!

11 years ago, when we started our business, we loathed hand sanitizers, but had such a high demand for one that we formulated a perfect hand sanitizers that doesn't feel like it dries out your hands and doesn't kill the "good germs!" We like to keep our natural antibodies on our hands!

ELEVATED - Hand Sanitizer w/ moisturizer  Fast.Easy.Effective.

  • Effectively defends against 99.9% germs & Leaves hands silky smooth!
  • Choose between 4 Scents & 3 sizes (all have sprays):
      • 2oz /60mL Amber Glass  (perfect for travel on airplanes)
      • 2.7oz / 80 mL Recycled Aluminum (perfect for travel on airplanes)
      • 4oz / 120mL Recycled Aluminum (Perfect for at home & around town, or trips that don't involve air travel)
  • Organic and Natural, Hand Made in the USA
  • Perfect for backpacks, diaper bags, purses, airports / airplanes, travel, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, public restrooms, diaper changes, baby, children's hands, and more!
  • Naturally Defend during SICK/COLD season!
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free (Ingredients and finished products NOT tested on animals)
  • Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
  • Comes in Recycled Aluminum or Glass!

Directions: Use Elevated Natural Hand Sanitizer on dirty, sticky, germy hands & other places needing cleaned!

Ingredients: Organic: 70% ethanol, virgin, raw macadamia nut oil**, and proprietary essential oil blend (blend depends on scent chosen).

**PLEASE NOTE: We customize ingredients, so if you have any topical (skin) allergies to nuts or sesame seed oil, please contact us.

It is FALSE that sanitizers do nothing to help defend against germs  (other references available, contact us if you would like them).  

Our Hand Sanitizers, and Household Sanitizers and Soaps are staples for keeping germs from spreading, and protecting against them.   See below for how-tos from the CDC (;

Check out our latest blog for more on germs and how you can naturally help protect against them!

How-To use our products to help defend against germs (from the CDC):

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