Kokadi Shabby Chic Woven Wrap
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kokadi woven baby wrap - Shabby Chic

Jazz music fills the air and the melodies of the 20s and its beat moves everyone cheerfully to dance the Charleston or the Lindy Hop. Our design, Shabby Chic, is for all those who love the extraordinary. We connect the past with the future: sophisticated design of the 20s meets the fashionable colors of the 21st century. This baby wrap is woven in delicate Bonded Deluxe Jacquard weaving. It’s absolutely suitable for toddlers and it becomes wonderfully soft after use with your little one.

Material: Warp, 100% cotton (GOTS); weft, 100% mercerized cotton (GOTS);
Color: rose, purple, turquoise, gold yellow, white
Weight: 275g / m
Weaving: Bonded Deluxe

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