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Mason Bottle Starter System w/ Jar
Mason Bottle Starter System w/ Jar
Mason Bottle

Mason Bottle Starter System w/ Jar

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Mason Bottle’s wide natural nipple shape makes transitioning between breast and bottle a breeze for baby. Mason Bottle is also the most eco-friendly, parent-friendly, and budget-friendly glass baby bottle on the market. Because it works with mason jars, it’s easy to clean and helps families save money too.

This product includes: one silicone nipple (slow flow size), one plastic cap, and one regular-mouth mason jar (4 oz. or 8 oz. size)complete with metal lid and collar.

Product Features

  • Wide natural nipple shape to easily transition between breast and bottle
  • Dual-valve ventilation system helps to prevent gas and colic
  • Made of naturally BPA-free materials to prevent chemical leaching
  • The jar doubles as a  re-usable breast milk storage container
  • No hard to reach corners mean no bottle brushes needed
  • 100% Made in the USA

Mason Bottle Cleaning Instructions

  • The silicone nipple, plastic cap, and glass jar are all dishwasher safe
  • The metal lid and collar should be rinsed by hand and dried well

A Note about the Lifespan of Mason Jars

Glass mason jars themselves can be used almost indefinitely. As your baby outgrows bottles, you’ll be able to use these jars for baby food storage, toddler cups, or a million other things around the house.  However, mason jars come with metal lids and collars which are not meant to last a lifetime. These metal two-piece lids are designed to be used for canning, and as such, are not meant to withstand repeated trips through the dishwasher.  Please note that mason jar lids do tend to rust over time. Dry them carefully to extend their life. If you ever need new lids, you can easily replace them at a local hardware store, or anywhere mason jars are sold.

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