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Blend Breakdowns

Name: Morning Jolt
Origins: Central American Blend, Breakfast Blend
Roast Level: Medium (Full City)
Flavors: Medium bodied coffee that will sure to get you just the right amount of jolt to start your day. 

Origins: From Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range along the northern coast of Colombia. Comes from the Coocafe association (Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales)
Process: Washed then sun dried
Roast Level: Medium
Flavor Profile: Medium-bodied cup with dark chocolate sweetness with subtle cinnamon spice and lemon acidity. Compared to other regions of Colombia, this has a low acidity
Certifications: Fair Trade, USDA Organic. Many of the farm producers are recognized victims of the armed conflict and part of the programs for land restitution. Coffee is grown under the shade of trees, mainly guamos, carboneros, walnuts, avocado, fruit trees and other native species

Origins: Bajawa, Ngada District on Flores (Indonesian Island). Mostly grown on the slopes of the Inerie Volcano. Commonly coffee from Flores will be known as the Komodo Dragon, due to Flores being home to the wild Komodo dragon.
Process: Wet Hulled then sun dried
Flavors:  With this coffee being grown in fertile, volcanic soils and processed by wet hulling, it has low acidity with a smooth, syrupy sweet chocolate cup. Hint of smokiness and floral background notes round out this coffee to be not only be special, but smoother than neighboring Sumatra despite its herbal, spicy qualities.
Certifications: Fair Trade, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance. Premiums from the co-op help children with school, improvement with the villages' water supply, weekly doctor visits and planting of new trees on deforested land.

Origins:  Finca Santa Maria is a family-owned farm found in the hills of the Mejicanos province. The Aguilar has been producing coffee for six generations.  
Process: Fully-washed then sun-dried on raised African beds
Roast Level: Dark (Full City)
Varietal: Bourbon
Flavors: This coffee has a balanced acidity with its sweetness of chocolate and nutty notes.  Full-bodied coffee.
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

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