Buti-Bag Co Buti-Pod Flip Wipes Case
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Buti-Bag Co

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Buti-Pod Flip

All new design for the die-hard flip top wipe dispenser lovers.. now you have the option of the new butipod flip or the original zip.  With a press-to-close zipper and a wide mouth flip top that still keeps those wipes moist, you can choose which style best fits your needs!

 Perfect container for holding your favorite wipes and storing them wherever you need them most! 
• throughout the house for flushable wipes during potty-training
• in the bathroom or travel bag for your make-up wipes.
• in your handbag or diaper bag for baby/antibacterial/saline nose wipes.
• in the car for your emergency "clean-up" stash.
• at grandma's house.
• at preschool / school or in bookbags for easy, quick cleanups.
• wherever else you want wipes but need them to stay MOIST!

The butipod wipes case in an all-new flip top design.  Holds up to 30 wipes with a center flip top dispenser for easy on-the-go wipes!

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