Balm!Baby Eucalyptus Rub
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Taylor House


An herbal infused, organic, all natural balm for aiding in treating stuffy noses & chests and nausea, morning sickness & motion sickness.
• PERFECT for cold / flu season!
• Handcrafted, Pure & Natural, Vegan, Paleo & Effective!
• Made in the USA
• Baby Safe (3+ mos. recommended)
• Nut & Gluten FREE
• Local Ingredients
• Natural De-Congestion Aid
• Natural Motion Sickness / Nausea / Morning Sickness Aid
• Stored in a 1.25oz. glass jar (infinitely recyclable!)
We don't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem or your health & safety!
• (Pretty Much, da BALM!, Baby!)

DROP BALM! Baby Eucalyptus RUB! © On Congested Chests, stuffy noses & backs, & nauseous tummies!

To relieve congestion: Apply a small amount to chest, back, & under nose and gently massage in. Apply before sleep for best results.

To relieve Nausea / Motion Sickness: Apply a small amount on ALL of the following areas: behind the ear lobes & tummy & gently massage in, AND apply under nose & BREATHE IN!

To relieve Sore / Tight Muscles: Apply a small amount on any sore or tight muscles & gently massage in.

Extra virgin olive oil, Calendula, Candelilla wax, vitamin E-T50, Essentail oils of: eucalyptus, peppermint & lavender


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