Free US/APO/FPO shipping at $20!
Free US/APO/FPO shipping at $20!
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Black Friday

**All sales and specials end at 11:59 pm cst on 12/2.**

Black Friday is upon us again and we're so excited! 

The list you’ve been waiting for! We’ll also have some great DoorBusters and BOGO deals too! 

Some discounts are price reduction and will be marked with (drop) and the category code cannot be used in conjunction with the drop. If a brand has a specific code, we’ll have it listed next to the brand. We have most of the sales listed below, but there are a few we have to keep under wraps until Friday! 

10% (BF10)




BabyLit and other Gibbs Smith Books

Go Sili





Live Beautifully

Amber Monkey

Marble Genius




15% (BF15)

Smart Bottoms (drop) 

Fat Brain 



Earth Mama Organics

Canyon Leaf Amber (drop)

Bapron Baby

Rachel’s Ribbons

Bazzle Baby

Pura Stainless


20% (BF20)



Itzy Ritzy (drop)


Planet Wise

Kanga Care (starts 11/28) (Kanga20)

Ju Ju Be (starts 11/28) (JJB20)

Luludew Diapers

Lighthouse Kids (Excl. Artist Bags) (LKC20)

Mason Bottle


25% (BF25)


Elly Lu

The Confectionery (excl. Bar soaps) (SK25)

Lalabye Baby 



30% (BF30)

Lenny Lamb Carrier and Wraps (LL30)


35% (BF35)

Hip Peas (drop)


BOGO Deals (No codes needed, but will not show up in cart- WLB will add)

Buy 2 Bar Soaps, Get 1 Soap Saver Free

Buy 2 Indestructibles, Get 1 Free (WLB Choice)



Pop & Slide Shelly- $8.99

Rollobie- $9.99

Milk Boss by Itzy Ritzy- $18.99

Mantra Bands- $12.99

Lenny Lamb Woven Blankets- $24.99

Coco and Kiwi Provence Bag- $79.99

 **Due to the nature of the BOGO and Doorbuster deals, we are unable to accept rewards codes on these orders**

Stacking Freebies

$20: Free Shipping 

$35: Go Sili Straw (Save the turtles!) or silicone funnel

$55: Lip Balm (Eclair or Live Beautifully)

$75: Candy Club or Mayana Mini Bar

$100: Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags (1 Reg. or 2 Mini)

$125: Bamboo Bib or Blanket

$150: Wet Bag

$175: OS Cloth Diaper 

$200: $30 Gift Card to WLB


How do Stacking Freebies work?

Once you earn a level- you’ll also snag all the Freebies in the levels above! So, if you would have a $200 order- you’d earn the $200 level freebie, plus all the others above! 

***Disclaimer*** We reserve the right to replace freebies for other freebies if demand exceeds quantity or for other reasons. Freebies are awarded based on final spend level after all discounts and before tax. Gift certificates do not count toward final freebie total. We will combine total combined orders within 24 hours to determine freebie levels. 


Have others? Join us in the Lily Pond or contact us through FB, call or email! No carrier pigeons though please, they won't get here in time unless you are local....

Q: What will be part of the sale?

A: A little bit of everything! Discounts will vary by brand and we’ll announce things beginning Thursday! 

Q: When do the sales start?

A: Some items will have sales start on Thursday, but we don’t want you miss family time. Most of our deals will start on Friday.

Q: How will the sale work for online customers?

A: Just like a regular shopping experience with us. Depending on our agreements with manufacturers, some of the sales will be done via coupon code or regular price drop. 

Q: Can rewards be used?

A: With some products you will be able to use rewards. Since only one code can be used per checkout, if the item(s) you want are discounted via coupon code, you would not be able to use rewards on those items. However, if it is a regularly posted price drop, rewards would be able to be used. 

Q: Will there be shipping costs?

A: If you place an order under $20, you will have our standard shipping costs. If you are planning to combine multiple checkouts within a short period of time, just let us know in the notes and use the Combo Shipping option. 

Q: How does the “Combo Shipping” option work?

A: If you have an order under $20 and would like us to ship it with another order to be placed either before or after the small order, just let us know in the notes and choose this option at checkout. All items that are Combo Shipping must be going to the same address though- this option cannot be used for items that are split between shipping 2 or more different addresses. If you can reference the order number you would like to combine with either on the order notes or through an email, that would be a great help, but not required. 

Q: How do I score some Freebies?

A: We’ll have tiered freebies that will be based off a complete cart total- usually within a 24 hours window. If you plan on placing multiple orders over the weekend, just let us know! We can tally up your final cart total and add the appropriate freebies. We unfortunately don’t have a place where you can pick your freebie, but we do take requests in the notes! 

Q: Will there be Ship Free Saturday this weekend?

A: Daily promos will be suspended due to the discounts offered this weekend.